Frequently Asked Questions

What is Engaged Encounter?
Engaged Encounter is an international program of the Catholic Church dedicated to preparing couples for the sacrament of marriage. It is a weekend away from family, friends, work and wedding preparations. Engaged couples are given the opportunity to focus on each other exclusively in an environment that encourages deep communication and openness.
Does Engaged Encounter satisfy the Church's and the State of Florida’s requirement for
marriage preparation?

Yes - At the end of the weekend, couples receive two certificates: one to be presented to the priest that is marrying them as evidence that they've met the Church’s requirement; the other can be used when applying for a marriage license in the State of Florida. (Note: The State of Florida will give couples applying for a marriage license a discount off the license fee when this certificate is presented.)
What is the cost of the weekend and what does it cover?
The cost of the weekend is $320 per couple. This fee covers both your hotel/retreat facility rooms (for Friday, Saturday and Sunday), meals (for Saturday and Sunday), and all the supplies you will be using during the weekend. (Please have dinner before arriving Friday night.)
How do we register for a weekend?
Registration requires two steps through this site. Click on the JotForm link on the main page to fill in your registration form. Then click on the Payment Page link in the sidebar to pay online. Your registration is finalized when you receive a confirmation notice, which is emailed to you after registration information and payment have been received. For questions, please contact
What if the weekend we want is already full?
It is very rare that we have an overbooked weekend however, you may request to be placed on a waiting list for that weekend by contacting We cannot guarantee that cancellations will occur and space will become available.
Do we need to stay at the retreat facility?
Yes - The format of the weekend keeps couples busy until late at night both Friday and Saturday and starts very early both Saturday and Sunday morning. Given the schedule constraints and because the purpose of the weekend is to focus on each other without any distractions, it is our policy that all couples stay at the facility. We believe that you will receive the most benefit from the weekend experience by remaining at the facility for the entire weekend.
The information page states that each individual will be sharing a room with another person of
the same sex. I am uncomfortable sharing a room with another person that I don't know.
Can I get a private room?

The cost of the weekend is based on your sharing a room with another individual. At the retreat center in
Tallahassee, all rooms are shared. If you must have a separate room, please contact as soon as possible to discuss your particular circumstances.
Is Engaged Encounter only for Catholics?
No. Although Catholic in origin, Catholic Engaged Encounter is open to any couple of any faith who are preparing for a marriage that would be recognized by the Catholic Church. Many of the couples that attend our program are interfaith. It is a very effective program, regardless of your faith, and it is open to people of all faiths.
How long does the program last?
The weekend begins on a Friday evening at 7:00pm and ends at about 2:00pm on Sunday. It is an intense working weekend with many enlightening presentations and events.
We are very young (or we are older) than most engaged couples. Will we feel out of place?
Our weekends reflect the diversity of this area. Couples attending our weekends widely range in education, social and economic backgrounds, and age. Besides, on the weekend, you will be focusing on each other.
How soon before our wedding should we begin our marriage preparation?
The length of time between your wedding preparation and your wedding date is ordinarily determined in consultation with the parish priest who is working with you. But our general advice is: the sooner, the better. We suggest that you register at least 3 months before your wedding date. Please also remember that our springtime weekends fill up rather quickly. It is never too early to start preparing for the rest of your lives together.